How to get celebrities to donate money for your charity

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist so as to know the importance of a celebrity-embellished souvenir. Using an original copy of a script signed by a film star can break through the set goal in a charity. However, expect the task to be daunting if your job is to rustle for donations from the celebrities. You should time correctly and make appropriate targets. Below is a guideline to follow that will avail celebrities to your charity.

First things first, you should research the names of the agents and managers of that given celebrity. To increase the chances of getting a response, you should write directly to the managers and the agents. Nevertheless, avoid the direct approach to the celebrity with the request for cash because this will be automatically rejected.

The second tip is using targeted causes to access the celebrity. Good examples of previous successes include; Michael who advocated on Parkinson’s disease, Patrick Dempsey who dedicated his support for the fight against breast cancer and also Mary Taylor passion for fighting diabetes. Take an initiative and go directly to the headquarters of the cause that you represent. Inquire for the charity’s public relations and make the request for a celebrity donation. You may get a bonus of receiving donations from more than one celebrity in this case.

Resolve to social network sites to get assistance. These include Facebook, twitter and others where you can tell your story. You can explain in details your upcoming auction in regard to the problem and the reasons why you need donations. Ask for links to celebrities, high profile people and the sports figures. Keep in mind that you are competing thus the need to be calm, patient and persistent.

The next thing you can do is requesting the donations in-kind which can take form of clothes, mementos and other personal items that can raise appeal to an auction instead of requesting directly for cash. You should not limit yourself on the number of celebrities to contact because you don’t know where aid will come from. You can also approach book publishers and ask for autographed books done by celebrities.

In order to make a profit at your charity event, buy authenticated celebrity memorabilia and link it with your event. This should however be used as the last solution because you don’t want to spend on raising it. Finally, remember there is no guarantee but chances of succeeding are high if you play your cards well.




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